Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cone Flower Quilt

I just want to take a quick second to acknowledge my leave of absents from the quilting world. I realize that I have neglected to add any new posts or for that matter quilt anything warranting a new post in what seems like forever. Unfortunately, I lost my job and have been busy at my new job, moving to a new city and setting up a new sewing space.  But enough excuses...I have jumped back in and I hope to be sharing many more exciting quilting adventures in the coming months!

I am currently taking a Craftsy class called "Art Quilting: Pictorial Techniques" by Wendy Butler Burns. I love the idea of making more art quilts and trying to incorporate people in my quilts as well. Wendy uses a glue basting technique to piece her quilts together, which is something I have never really tried before.  So I decided to keep it simple for now and follow her pattern for this lovely Cone Flower Quilt.

The pattern was super easy to follow and the best part was that all of the freezer paper was on the front side of the fabric so I didn't have to constantly worry about flipping pieces or making sure it was mirror image, it was more like a color by numbers!  AND...you get the added bonus of getting to "unwrap" your quilt once you have basted it together.

My time is pretty limited but I'm hoping to start quilting and embellishing this little piece in the next week or two as well as continuing to work on some other UFOs in my closet!