Sunday, June 3, 2012

Love Birds Whole Cloth Quilt: Part 3

Today I finished up the free motion spirals around the outside of the design for my Love Birds Whole Cloth Quilt.

Although it felt like this took FOREVER to finish, I do have to say I actually think that it went faster than I expected and I made it all the way around the boarders in just a couple of sittings through out the day.

I tried to stitch the outside spirals so that the final quilt will be approximately16" square. 

And then it was time to hand wash it, air dry in the dryer for a bit until it was just damp and then stretch it over my cutting table to get it back to the original size. 

I'll let it sit and dry completely over night before cutting it up and adding a binding.

It's nice to know that this will be at least one of my finishes this week! I'm looking forward to posting picture of this little whole cloth when it's done!

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