Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Grandfather's Day

Ok, so I know it's already Tuesday, but I wanted to share my sewing project from this last weekend...Father's day!  It hard to come up with good ideas for sewing/quilting projects for men.  I looked in quilting books, online, just about everywhere for ideas, before I realized that something personal and funny was the only way to go.

My husband and I often spend the weekends visiting my grandparents, and every Sunday it's kind of a tradition that my grandfather cooks a big pancake and eggs breakfast for us. So tasty! 

So of course when the idea came up to make a chef hat for the "Pancake Chef", I was sold!

I couldn't find any fabric with pancakes or eggs on it, but I found this wonderful blueberry fabric that I think was perfect!

I used a free pattern that I found at youcanmakethis.com. The pattern was definitely meant for someone that has some experience sewing and can read between the lines, but I think it turned out great in the end.  Just what I was looking for!

I also changed things up a bit by making the band a different fabric than the top and adding the appliqued letters "PANCAKE CHEF" along the band.

I think it was a good surprise to come out to Sunday morning...

And he sure looked great wearing it while he whipped up some of his famous pancakes!!! Yumm!

Happy Grandfather's Day!

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