Saturday, June 9, 2012

Elephant Whole Cloth Quilt

I decided to start yet another whole cloth quilt.  I love making these small (fat quarter sized) whole cloths, they are so rewarding and theraputic to make! My grandmother had pointed out this elephant cartoon a while back and we both thought it was just adorable, so with her birthday coming up, I decided to make a little quilt with it.

I blew it up to fit onto four pages and traced it onto a pink fat quarter with a frixion pen.

I then, put it together in a quilt sandwhich with some batting and pink backing, basted it with pins, and traced the design with my machine.

Here it is after I ironed the frixion pen out.

I decided to use micro-stippling for the background filler.  I liked it so much on the Heart and Feather Whole Cloth and for some reason it just seemed to fit with this design.  To be honest I think stippling can go with anything, but onto more pictures...

I started from the top of the trunk and made it almost around both feet before my arms felt like they were going to fall off.

Saddly, I didn't have another chance to work on this again before I saw my grandmother, but I showed her some pictures so, she knows it's coming. 

I feel like I tend to underestimate how much time it takes to complete projects like this and sometimes just have to say...I have a gift for you, but it's not finished yet! Probably common for people who make a lot of homemade gifts.  Anyone else catch themselves saying this?

Anyways, she was really excited that I was making this for her and said she has no problem waiting for it. 

Can't wait to finish it up!


  1. Wow! Is this ever cute??!! What a great idea.

  2. This is so cute...your grandmother is going to love it!!! :o)

  3. Very cute! You are doing an amazing job with the quilting. Micro-stippling does take FOREVER to do!