Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WIP Wednesday

A little progress report...

Current WIPs (works in progress):

1. Love Birds Whole Cloth Quilt
     Started 4/30/12 - still needs outside filler stitching in FMQ, blocking and binding.

2. 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge
    Started 3/25/12 - March and April Challenges Completed. You can see the March challenge below.  I used Love Birds Whole Cloth for the April Challenge. May challenge - not started. (will be getting to this soon!)

March Challenge Project

3. Craftsy Block of the Month Class
    Started 3/22/12 - January through May blocks completed!  Waiting for June tutorials...

4. Queen Sized Mystery Quilt for a friend
    Started 4/9/12 - All 713 blocks completed, currently piecing blocks together.  Will then need boarders, quilting, and binding.

5. Rain Goddess Quilt
    Started 3/16/12 - this has been on the back burner a bit but I have made some progress on it that I will be posting in the next week or so.... can't wait to show you!

Recently Finished Projects:

1. Heart and Feather Whole Cloth Quilt (my first whole cloth!)
    Started 3/15/12 - Finished 4/28/12

2. Reunion Purse
    Started 5/20/12 - Finished 5/21/12 - This was my first purse project!  I don't have any pictures yet (I know...horrible!), but I did use fabrics from the Reunion line by Sweetwater (I have been wanting to use their line for quite a while the fabric!) I've been meaning to get a few pictures with it outside, but all of our sunny days turned to rain again.  I will definable post about it later this week.

Slightly Abandoned Projects:

1. Retro Flower Quilt Along
    I bought fabric for this project on 4/8/12 with all the intentions in the world to get right to work on it, but I just can't seem to get going.  So,  I do hope to return to this quilt later on, but for now it will have to sit in my cue.

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  1. Ashlea! You have been a very busy girl...your FMQ;g is beautiful and the Heart and feather wholecloth is lovely!! Keep up the great work!