Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love Birds Wholecloth Quilt: Part 2

Do you remember the Love Birds whole cloth that I started a couple of weeks ago for the April FMQ Challenge?

This is where I left off.

And here is a the design, because it is a little hard to see
in the pictures due to using matching thread.

Well, today I started working on filling the background with some small spirals.

I wouldn't say these are micro-spirals, but with blue on blue this
is as small as I could get without feeling completely blind.

I was hoping that by adding the background filler design it would start to make the bird easier to see but so far I think they are still a little faint. 

Here is a close up to help you see the design better:

At this point, I'm kind of wishing I would have used a contrasting thread like I did on the Heart and Feather whole cloth.  I guess I'll know for next time.  But I'm still hopeful that this little quilt will start looking better once it's closer to being finished.

I'm curious to get other people's opinions on matching verses contrasting thread.  Which do you think it better for a whole cloth quilt? What about mixing thread, like using one color for the main design and a different color for the filler design? Would that be too distracting?

I will post more pictures once I have finished filling around the border and have squared it all up.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I think the birds are really nice! I can see them as well as you would think on a whole cloth quilt~ I do wonder just how hard it is to do? It is pretty~ ♥♥♥