Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bloggers' Quilt Festival

Amy at Amy's Creative Side is hosting the Bloggers Quilt Festival in conjunction with the Quilt Market.  She asks that anyone who wants to participate in the festival share one quilt and it's story.

Amy's Creative Side

For my entry, I would like to share the Snips and Snails Quilt that I completed December 2011.

I made this quilt for a good friend who had just had a baby boy!

I had been playing with free motion quilting for a little while before I made this quilt, but this is only the second quilt where I have used free motion patterns to complete the quilt.  I did only one other quilt before this one with free motion and used an all over loopy type pattern.

I chose this quilt for my entry because it is one of my favorite quilts and it is also the quilt that really pushed me to accomplish more with free motion quilting.  After my first attempt at free motion, I starting learning and practicing different patterns with my machine and quilting this project was my first attempt at putting some of those patterns and new skills to the test!

I love the texture and depth that free motion quilting brings to a finished quilt!

Here are some close ups showing different sections of this quilt.

I chose a cheerful echoing rainbow pattern for each of the nine blocks.

Waiving, water like, lines along the boarders and large spirals in the corners.

And behind each friendly animal I used a micro-version of a filler stitch called Brain Coral (much like stippling with some echoing).

Here are individual pictures of each animal:

Oh and of course the best part....

...that adorable smile!

I hope you that you enjoyed seeing this quilt again....or for the first time! If you would like to read my original post about this quilt, you can find it here.

I'm linking up with the Bloggers' Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side!  If you are also a quilter/blogger I would love to see your quilt in the Festival as well!  Click the button below to learn how to enter.

Amy's Creative Side

Happy Quilting!


  1. aw! this is so cute! the frogs and turtles are very clever, but i have to admit, it's the snails who stole my heart.

  2. Wonderful colors, fabulous quilt:)))

  3. Yikes! I love the quilt a lot. Your quilting is very nice and compliments the quilt really well. The more you wash the quilt, the more the quilting will stand out. What an adorable baby too! A precious quilt.