Monday, April 23, 2012

Super Secret Quilt

So.... I have been feeling a little guilty because I really haven't posted anything showing new projects or progress on current projects for about 2 weeks now.  But, I have a good reason!  For the last 2 weeks I have been working on a new super secret quilt for a friend.  I have been taking pictures throughout the whole process and have been dying to post them each step of the way! 

The plan was to get the quilt top done this week and write up a whole blog post about it.  I wouldn't be able to give it to my friend yet, since I would still need to sandwich, quilt and bind it before it was finished.  But I would have the top done and I figured that would be a good place to stop and and show it off a little...mostly because it is really hard to keep this project to myself!

However, I soon realized that 2 weeks to finish a queen sized quilt top (especially with the incredibly small size of the blocks) was just not enough time and that selfishly posting pictures early would just ruin the fun. So, instead, I decided to keep it a secret and just post an update instead.

Today is the 2 week mark and so far I have bought fabric, cut, ironed, marked, sewed, cut, ironed, and trimmed 719 blocks!  Whew!  It took a lot of energy, long nights, and even sneaking some blocks into my work so that I could continue trimming them during breaks to finish them all this quickly!

Now I just need to sew them all together and add a border before the quilt top will be done...hopefully by the end of the week. 

And... just for a little is a picture of the huge pile of fabric scraps that are left from trimming all the blocks.

I promise to post more pictures after this quilt is finished and gifted to my very deserving friend!

I hope she loves it! 


  1. Your in the ZONE! Ha ! No apologies needed! I've been there! Well, kinda there now:)

  2. It's hard when you want to share but kindve fun to have a secret too. Sounds intriguing and I like the colour of the trimmings.

  3. Ashlea this is going to be beautiful and I appreciate all the hard work ;) I am glad that you haven't finished it yet so you have to deliver it in person! I can't wait to see it and you soon. Thank you so much for everything!

    1. There is a lot that goes into a quilt, but it is totally worth it. Especially when I'm making it for someone awesome! ;) I can't wait to hand deliver it and see your new place too!