Wednesday, April 11, 2012

March Blocks for Craftsy BOM

I have finished my blocks for March!  I am pretty happy to have finished these blocks early in the month of April, because now I have plenty of time left to finish the April blocks before the end of the month and successfully be caught up with the group.  Yea!

The first block for March was a String Block.  I followed Amy and used all warm colors: pinks, oranges, a little bit of purple and of course my white on white base/foundation fabric.

It was fun to try to piece both of the March blocks by randomly picking different strips as I went along.  Of course I narrowed it down to either warm or cool colors for each block, but I really like the random, scrappy look that I ended up with. Of course, you always have the option of being more deliberate in piecing all of the strips which would come up with a totally different but still beautiful look.

Both blocks for March were foundation pieced blocks.  It felt a little different at first to be sewing each strip through the white foundation piece but it really was quite simple and easy and it made my block a little thicker...which to me means cozy!  I think having a little bit of a thicker quilt top would be nice for a warm cozy winter blanket.

Here is a picture of the back of the String Block so you can see that all of the white on white foundation fabric is still intact. 

The second block for March was a Broken Spider Web Block. Very Similar to the String Block, this block used a variety of different strips of fabric.  The only difference really is the placement of the strips so that they form this star shape in the center.  Also Amy showed us with this block that if you don't want your blocks to be as thick, you can choose not to sew your strips through the foundation fabric and instead just use the foundation as a template and then cut it away when your done.

Here is my Broken Spider Web Block.  I chose all cool blues and purples for this one.

I really love how this block turned out.  I'm not sure if it is because it makes a star shape or because of all the beautiful blues and purples, but I will definitely have to try making a whole quilt top of this sometime in the future!

Again with this block I didn't actually sew through the white on white foundation fabric but instead just folded it away when sewing each strip and folded it back and used it as a guide when placing the next strip.  When I was done with each section, I cut away the excess foundation fabric, leaving the back of the block, looking like this:

Here are my two finished March Blocks together:

And here are all of my blocks that are finished so far for the Craftsy Block of the Month for a total of 6!

I am so happy that I found this BOM class on Craftsy!  I have already learned so much from this project and there are still 14 blocks left before the end! I will definitely have some awesome piecing techniques that I can reference long after this project is finished.

Now...onto my April blocks and some other works in progress!


  1. Love the colors on your spider web block. That is the same project that I am currently working on :)

    1. Thanks! I like the cool colors better than the warms ones on this project. I will watch for your block(s) on my reading list. Can't wait to see how yours turn out. :)

  2. I love them both!! I'm learning a lot too. But I haven't started my hexes except cutting out the paper pieces:/. I need to get to work on that!

  3. Thanks for inspiring me to start with the craftsy BOM :-)

    1. Your Welcome! It is a great class and the fact that it's free and never expires is just awesome! I'm glad I could inspire you to join! Hope you have fun with all the blocks! :) Also, some of their paid classes go on sale every month so keep an eye out for that.