Saturday, April 28, 2012

Heart and Feather Wholecloth Quilt Along with Leah Day: Finished Quilt!

In my last post about this quilt, I was finishing up all of the micro-stippling.  Once that was done, Leah suggested blocking the quilt. We don't really have a tub in our apartment, so I just let it soak in the washer (not running) to get all the starch and chemicals out and tumble dried it until it was just damp.

Then came the fun part...reversing the shrinkage.  I bought some elastic from Jo Ann's and secured it to the edges of the quilt to stretch it out overnight while it continued drying. I had to call my husband over to help me secure it and in the end, it looked a little like quilt prison!  I felt like saying: "Now you just sit there and think about what you've done!"

The next day, when everything was flat and back to the right size, I measured from the edges of the motifs and cut the quilt down to 1 inch of stippling all the way around.

For some reason my motifs (even before I soaked the quilt) were not measuring square, but I liked the way that it looked and decided that I would rather have equal amounts of micro-stippling all around the edge verses having a perfectly square wall hanging. So that's why I measured from the motifs and not from the edge of the fabric.

Next was the binding.  I only have fat quarters of this fabric, so I had to piece my binding together a little more than normal, but I think it still turned out just as good in the end.

I used 2 inch binding, folded in half.  And started at the yellow pin in the picture here, which was about 3 inches from the corner.

This was my first time attempting mitered corners, so Leah Day's tutorial came in very handy.  I skipped some of the details below, but if you want to see the full tutorial you can check it out on the Free Motion Quilt Along page.

I especially liked the way Leah taught us to close the opening on the side of the quilt. When I've tried to sew bindings before, I usually end up with a raw edge in a corner somewhere that I don't know what to do with.  By closing it in the center of sewing it so that it looks pieced, it just fits right in with the rest and it's hard to tell where you started and ended!

 I decided to try a blanket stitch for the front side of the binding.  I really like it.  I think I might even like it better than the zig zag stitch I'm used to.

And here is the finished quilt!!!!

Even though the quilt along tutorial and link up have long come and gone, I did finally finish this little heart and feather wholecloth quilt!!  My first one! Normally I'm one to give all my quilts away, but I think this one is definitely one that I want to keep for my wall!

In my mind, I'm already adding more wholecloths like this one to my quilting que!  Any ideas for what kind of designs to do next?


  1. Hi, I am also making a one like this with Leah Day. I have just put my design on the cloth. Yours looks nice. I reckon doing more of these would be great practice to creativity and FMQ.

  2. This turned out just beautiful. Great job on the binding too. Be very proud of your finish

  3. wow that is beautiful. I have Karen McTavishes custom curves and I've been thinking about a whole cloth quilt since I got that book. There are some great designs in the her book, take a peak. Your piece is wonderful!

    1. Thanks! I will have to check out her book soon. :)

  4. omgosh! your quilting is beautiful!!!