Friday, March 16, 2012

Rain Goddess: Part 1

I am very excited to share the design for my next big quilt, Rain Goddess, inspired by my love of Oregon and the abundance of beautiful stormy rainy weather. The original drawing was just a doodle on some scrap paper at work.  After many obsessive drawings of long haired women in the rain, I decided I HAD to make this into a quilt and finally settled on this version of the drawing. (I didn't actually draw the rain in this picture but it will be part of the finished quilt...don't worry!)

 I traced the drawing to create a numbered pattern and templates for all the pieces

Then enlarged everything on my computer and cut out all the pieces on fusible web

I had to add a few more pieces of hair before I felt like it looked right, but here are the template pieces laid out with some of the fabric I'm going to be using for the background.

This is definitely going to be one of the most complicated quilt tops I've ever attempted because of all the individual pieces of hair that are all overlapping and curling around each other, but I love the challenge and I think it will be completely worth it when I have the finished quilt in my hands!

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