Friday, March 23, 2012

January Blocks! for Craftsy BOM with Amy Gibson

Ok... so here are my blocks for January! One month down, 2 to go before I'm caught up on this project.

The first block for January is an Asterisk Block.  This was a really fun and easy block.  I could definitely see making a full quilt of just Asterisk blocks in the future! Wouldn't that be cute!

And the Second block for January is the Wonky Pound Sign Block.  This one was a bit more challenging but I love the result!  Every cut is random and wonky and unique!  I love it!

The main challenge with the Wonky Pound Sign Block is making sure that the horizontal lines are lining up.  Since it's wonky and uses a lot of angles it seemed almost impossible to get it to line up right, and I noticed that a lot of other quilters participating in the Craftsy BOM were having this same problem.  After much frustration and some seem ripping I found a way to make it work a little bit better.

Normally when I pin fabric I pin facing towards the center of the block so that it is really easy to pull the pins out as you're sewing.  However, every time I sewed the seem and press it open the lines were not lining up and I'd have to rip it all out.  To solve this, I finally just pined the fabric facing along the seem like this:

That way I could easily flip the fabric over before sewing it and get a good picture of how the lines were looking.

You can see even with my best estimation, the lower portion of this line is shifted more left compared to the top portion.
But because this wasn't sewn yet I didn't have to pull out my dreaded seem ripper again, I just had to pull the pins, shift the fabric a little to the right and try again.

And in the end, it looks a lot more lined up.
Of course it's never perfect but I hope that this is helpful to anyone who wants to try making these blocks.  I also heard from a few people who are participating in the Craftsy BOM that the more sever the angles are, the harder it makes it to line them up.  But I think that just pinning and shifting and re-pinning in this way would work for any angle. 

 Here are my two January Blocks together!  I'm so excited for the finished quilt!

If you are interested in jumping on board and making some of these blocks yourself, sign up at Craftsy....It's FREE!

Happy Quilting Everyone!

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