Saturday, December 24, 2011

Snips and Snails Crib Quilt for James

This is a quilt that I started in October for our friend's baby boy James.  It's another design from Debbi Mumm (like Silly Safari) that I just couldn't pass up.  I love the little turtles, frogs and snails. Perfect for a little boy's quilt!  This was my first attempt at using some of the new free motion designs that I have been learning on an actual quilt. Transitioning from a little sample square to a full quilt (even just crib size like this one) was a challenge in it self because of all the extra fabric that you have to wrestle with. It was definably frustrating at times, but I learned a lot making this quilt and oh was it so worth it in the end!  I can't imagine going back to making quilts without adding the beautiful stitching on top.

Enjoy the pictures and feel free to leave comments at the bottom!

I tried to chose bright and cheery colors for this quilt.  I'm always frustrated with everything baby being pastel.  Kids and babies love color.  Gotta stimulate the synapses!!

Here is the back of the quilt.  It's a little easier to see some of the quilting designs by looking at the back of the quilt because it is all one fabric.

I used the "Echo Rainbow" design on each nine patch blocks.
Echo Rainbow Nine Patch from the back.
Here is the sample square that I posted of Echo Rainbow design as part of the 365 Project.
On the background of each animal block I used the "Brain Coral" design by basically creating a coral shape,
then echoing that shape before starting the next shape.

Here is a close up of the "Brain Coral" design from the back.
By choosing the Brain Coral design, a very dense design, for the background of each animal block  I was able to make each animal pop out from the quilt.  The dense stitching flattens that part of the quilt making other areas, like the animals themselves, seem fluffier and more three dimensional.
Here is the sample square that I posted of Brain Coral design as part of the 365 Project.

For each animal, I stitched eyes, mouths, and some sort of design.

The frogs were fairly simple, just stitch in the ditch around the body and stomach. 

For the turtles, I stitched a rectangle/square around each letter on their shells.

And for the snails I decided that they needed to have a spirally shell.


For the borders, I chose a small green accent border, then a larger patched
border with echoing curves stitched on top, a blue striped outside border
and an orange binding.
In keeping with the rounded theme, a stitched spirals in three of the corners....

...and added a signature in the forth corner: 
Snips & Snails
Made by
Ashlea Tenner
December 2011

James with his new quilt.  I think he liked it!

All of the fabrics used for this quilt are from The Quilt Loft, several of the quilting designs are inspired by the Free Motion Quilting Project, and the quilt pattern was designed by Debbie Mumm