Wednesday, November 9, 2011

365 Project: Days 8-14

I am having so much fun with this 365 Project.  Some of the designs are definitely harder than others but who doesn't like a good challenge?  I can already see how some of these designs would work beautifully on a quilt. I can't wait to use a few of them on a children's quilt top that I just finished. I will post some photos when I finish it.  

For now, here are my week 2 squares:

Day 8: Cursive F's

I don't think they look much like cursive f's but the design is nice and
would probably look better in a single line on a border somewhere.

Day 9: Flowing Glass

Day 10: Checker Board

I really liked this design.  It was very simple and filled the space
quickly,  Plus I think it would work really well on a a variety of quilts.

Day 11: Brain Coral


Here is a close up picture of Brain Coral that shows the texture.
Quilting is less about the lines that the thread creates and more
about the spaces that are in between the lines. This square is a great example
of that, because the white thread almost disappears on the
yellow/orange fabric, showing off the texture/raised sections
instead of the stitches.


Day 12: Spiral Chain

This reminds me of jungle vines.  Again I think it would look best on a
border.  But it could be cool in a jungle scene or you could turn it sideways
and use it on a beach landscape quilt.

Day 13: Double Pebble

This was by far the most difficult design this week.  I think it turned
out pretty well for my first try, but I might practice this one a few
more times before attempting to use it on a quilt top.

Day 14: Matrix

Design tutorials found at:

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