Thursday, November 10, 2011

365 Project: Days 15-21

This week I started with a spider web design, very appropriate for the time of year since Halloween was only a few weeks ago.  After a couple squares, I realized that I was unintentionally quilting squares that were fall themed, so I decided to make the whole week themed for October (even though it is November now). Because I wanted to keep with the theme, I looked for designs that had a Halloween/Fall feel from and I even added a new design of my own (Friendly Ghosts). Enjoy!

Day 15: Spider Web
This design was really fun to sew, despite my arachnophobia (notice the
lack of a spider in the web).  It felt very fluid and filled the space quickly.
This would be great on a Halloween quilt or a bug quilt.
I decided to take a photo of the square before I added the concave lines
that create the spider web. The curvy lines meeting in the center of the
square create a nice pattern by themselves.

Day 16: Trailing Leaves
This design was my most difficult design this week.  It involves a lot of
traveling over previous stitches which is something I am still trying to
feel comfortable with.  However, this design definitely helped me get
over any anxiety about traveling I had before I started.
Day 17: Pumpkin Patch
I thought a pumpkin patch design would be fun to go along with the
Fall./Halloween theme this week. Also, it is very easily adjustable to any
area that you need to fill.
Day 18: Pine Needles

I don't have much to say about Pine Needles.  It actually took a little longer
than I thought it would to complete, but I think it fills the space well and
creates a nice pattern. 
Day 19: Friendly Ghosts
This was my fist attempt, during this project, at stitching a design that was
not on I decided that I needed
some ghosts this week, with the Halloween theme and all.  Definitely needs
some work but it was fun to try something new.

Day 20: Broken Glass
I love this design. It's basically just squares and triangles overlapping
each other with a few odd shapes thrown in to keep it interesting.  Easy, fun
and fast. I can't wait to find a way to use this design on a quilt!
Day 21: Frankenstein Stitches
And, of course, we have to have some Frankenstein Stitches this week.
This design was great to practice traveling but I think it would be difficult
to use this design as a filler on a quilt.  Maybe best used
when drawing actual stitches.

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