Saturday, December 25, 2010

Minky Blankets for Friends (Christmas 2010)

We fell in love with the feel of some super soft minky fabric and decided to make minky turn blankets for our friends for Christmas.  The slippery quality of the minky added a whole new challenge, but it gave us a chance to improve our skills and make something soft and cuddly for our friends this winter.

These two we made for my husband's Brother and Sister-in-Law. One was Christmas trees and the other was reindeer.  We decided to let them decided who got which one.

We made a snowman one for our friend Tacara.

A Penguin one for Josh and Erin.

And a University of Oregon Ducks blanket for Bryce. (even though we are Beaver fans!)

If you're wondering, we do root for both teams, but we had to take this picture just for fun.

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